The Emergence of 243 Ways to Win Slot Machines

Technology is continually improving and these advances can clearly be seen in the evolution of the slot machine. Although the classic 3 reel fruit machine remains a firm favourite with players who visit online and land based casinos, new technology has enabled slot machines to move away from the constraints of traditional paylines. Many online casino players are switching to slot machines that make use of the 243 ways to win system and it is easy to understand why: these slot machines offer more chances of winning, boast great graphics, and often include bonus features and games.

In the Beginning: The Dominance of Paylines

Classic slots make use of 3 reels and can have a maximum of 5 paylines. Originally, these fruit slots had only one payline, which was depicted on the reels by a black horizontal line. You would need to get three of the same icons to fall on this line in order to win. If two 7 icons fell on the payline and the third fell just below the line, the player would have to console him or herself, knowing they came so close to winning. Slot machines with more paylines were soon developed to give players more chances of winning and to increase the thrill of gambling. Casino games with 9, 15, 20 or 50 paylines quickly became very popular. In 2008, the software provider Microgaming released the revolutionary online slot Cashapillar, a casino game that offers an incredible 100 paylines.

The Benefits of Added Paylines

Although added paylines mean players have more chances of winning, the payline system still restricts play, since players need to activate additional paylines to benefit from winning combinations that fall on these lines. As a result, players who do not bet on each available payline often miss out on winning combinations and are left with the disappointed feeling of having come very close to a win, without actually winning. The best thing about playing casino games that make use of the 243 ways to win strategy is that they do not rely on paylines and the outcome is not determined by the amount of lines you play. Each spin offers the player 243 ways of winning, regardless of the amount of coins you bet. This means that you never have to worry about the disappointment that accompanies winning combinations that fall on inactive paylines. These games offer players exceptional value because of the multiple opportunities for forming winning patterns.

How 243 Ways to Win Slot Machines Work

Casino games that employ the 243 ways to win system work on the basis that matching icons simply need to fall adjacent to each other on the reels to form winning combinations. In other words, if you land three matching symbols anywhere on reels 1, 2 and 3, you have formed a winning combination. Of course, if these symbols also appear on reels 4 and 5, your win is increased. In addition, 243 ways to win casino games often include scatters, wilds and bonus features. The presence of scatters and wilds offer players even more chances to form winning patterns. Bonus features, such as second screen bonus games and free spins rounds ensure that players remain entertained and on the edge of their seats for hours. Naturally, the graphics featured on 243 ways to win slot machines are exceptional quality as all these slots make use of the latest technology.

Some of the most popular online casino slots make use of the 243 ways to win system. Think, for example, of Microgaming’s excellent range that includes Thunderstruck 2, Immortal Romance, Girls with Guns, The Dark Knight Rises, Dr Watts Up, Break Away and Battlestar Galactica, to name but a few.

Thunderstruck 2 Online Slot

Thunderstruck 2

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Immortal Romance Online Slot

Immortal Romance

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Girls with Guns Online Slot

Girls with Guns

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The Dark Knight Rises Online Slot

The Dark Knight Rises

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Dr Watts Up Online Slot

Dr Watts Up

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Battlestar Galactica Online Slot

Battlestar Galactica

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The Next Step: Slot Machines that Offer More than 243 Ways to Win

Casino games that employ 243 ways to win present a major advance in online gaming. However, the development of online slots has not stopped there: the demand for more ways to win has resulted in various casino games that offer more than a 1000 opportunities for winning combinations. Microgaming’s slot Arctic Fortune, for example, presents players with 1024 chances to win, and their Dolphin Coast slot boasts an incredible 3125 ways of winning.

Making the Best of Classic and 243 Ways to Win Online Slots

Some players prefer classic slots and feel that these new video slots are too complicated and gimmicky. However, many online casinos offer players the chance to play casino games free without wagering any real money. This situation is ideal for players who would like to familiarise themselves with the rules and conventions of video slots before playing for real money. In fact, many players are only interested in playing video slots for fun, as these games are highly entertaining.

Many players still enjoy a few spins on classic slots when they play at online casinos, but modernised video slots, especially the 243 ways to win casino games, have certainly won over many loyal players. Apart from the increased chances of winning, these games keep experienced players entertained with numerous bonus features and second screen bonus games. If you have not yet tried your luck at a 243 ways to win online slot, try one of the popular casino games listed on our site today.