MegaSpin Fantastic 7’s Reel Slot

MegaSpin Fantastic 7s is yet another classic Microgaming online slot that has been re-invented for multi-tasking slots enthusiasts. It is an out of the box gaming opportunity that allows you to play up to nine 3 reel and 1 payline games at a time. Explore the prodigious potential of multiple reel slots spinning in unison to capture those elusive line wins. Read the full review below at Red Flush Online Casino, your sizzling new gaming venue online.


Game Description

MegaSpin Fantastic 7’s reel slot is a multi reel gaming experience comprising four, six or nine 3 reel and 1 payline games. You’ll have the option to select whichever number of games you feel comfortable with at any one time. All comprise the loose white reels and classic reel slot symbols of the land based slot machines. The aim of the game remains exactly the same; to match symbols across the payline for impressive line wins. Gaming icons are the tried and tested classics we’re all so familiar with and include psychedelic sevens, red sevens, cherries and one two and three bars in utilitarian white on black!


Betting Basics

With only a single payline and up to three coin bets per spin, you won’t find the betting versatility associated with multiline online slots. A wide selection of default coin sizes does allow you to modify your bets to budget. You can also choose to wager between one and three coins a spin. If your intention is to bag the big money prizes you have to bet the three coin maximum and wait for the reel returns. Notwithstanding the number of games you’ve activated, the betting stake is exactly the same across all options. Of the 30 possible payout permutations available in each game, it’s three psychedelic sevens on a maximum bet that generate the top 2,500 coin payout. Winnings promptly plummet to 1,000 coins and 500 coins for the same symbol configuration on two coin and one coin bets respectively. There’s an entire suite of Red Flush Online Slots in all the popular categories, so get going right away for reel entertainment at its best!


Special Features

As a classic reel slot collection, you won’t find any wilds, scatters or multipliers in play. There are however countless payout opportunities up for grabs generated by multiple reels spinning in synchronicity. Each game offers 30 ways to win, so your chances are amplified according to the number of games you opt to play at the same time.


Bonus Games

There are no free spins or bonus rounds on offer in this classic multiple reel slots experience. Play MegaSpin Fantastic 7’s online slot at Red Flush Casino for a one of a kind opportunity where multiple line wins on each spin of the reels are a rousing reality!