Max Damage and the Alien Arcade Slot

Microgaming has done it again with their amalgamation of an online slot and an arcade game to deliver something totally unique in Max Damage and the Alien Attack arcade slot. This is not a slots game since there are no reels, no paylines, no spins or anything else that make up a typical slot game. Check out the unique features in this arcade slot and get a taste of what the game has to offer at Red Flush online casino!


Game Description

As we’ve mentioned, there are no reels or paylines as in online slots but it is rather a shooting game where you are in control of your very own spaceship. When the game kicks off you are awarded 6 lives that you need to hang on to since as with most arcade games, your game ends when you’ve lost all of your lives. Don’t despair though as there are many ways to increase your health as you go about playing. To get through the 9 levels you must shoot the alien ships that either come at you randomly, or in formations, and you will find that the game becomes more difficult as you make your way through the levels. At the end of each level you will receive random rewards that increase with each level and if you kill the Level Boss you will receive even bigger rewards than what you would get for the alien ships.


Betting Basics

The betting options in Max Damage and the Alien Attack online slot are very simplistic. Firstly, the coin sizes start at $0.01 up to $0.20 and you can play up to 10 coins per round, making it a minimum bet of $0.10 and a maximum bet of $20.00. The top jackpot payout is 110 000 coins and if you happened to play at the maximum bet that could potentially mean a grand $220,000.00 in your pocket! Now this is where the online slot differs from a game played at the arcade!


Special Features

This brand new Red Flush online slot powered by Microgaming is packed with essentials to guide and help you along your quest to destroy alien ships and get your hands on those big winnings. There are many things that will keep you alive and protect your ship such as boosters and shields, as well as free ammunition and random weapon upgrades where powerful weapons make it easier to take out the ships. When you get to the final level unsaved you will also have a chance to be placed on the Top Scores leader board where your top score, along with the date and ranking of your achievements will feature!


Bonus Games

As you progress through the 9 levels you will get to receive rewards that trigger things such as free rounds. In these free games you will also have the possible chance of killing the level boss to achieve much higher bonus payouts. Play this exciting arcade slot at Microgaming-powered Red Flush casino where Max and the Alien Attack online slot will not only give you a totally unique gambling experience, but also the chance to sport your top score for all to see!