Jurassic Jackpot Reel Slot

A colourful stylised playing area featuring the gigantic T-Rex as a central cameo defines Jurassic Jackpot, a classic online slot by Microgaming. Apart from the sheer creativity of the vibrant gaming interface you can win plenty of loot in this simple online casino game set in the Jurassic period over 145 million years ago. Learn how dinosaurs, both living and dead, can boost your bet total by reading the full review below at Red Flush Online Casino, your cool, credible and definitely playable gaming destination online!


Game Description

Jurassic Jackpot reel slot is a 3 reel and 1 payline non-progressive game that features lumbering dinosaurs as the chief protagonists. The classic game has a serious whiff of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster hit movie – Jurassic Park – about it. The game logo is appropriately a ferocious looking red-eyed T-Rex backed by a tranquil mountainous island scene. Sleek graphics and smooth software is complemented by iconic audio led by the deafening roar of the T-Rex. Symbols are a fine blend of themed icons and the classic reel slot symbols of yesteryear and include T-Rex; the extinct dinosaur’s snapping skull, blood red hibiscus flowers and one two and three bars in utilitarian black on gold.


Betting Basics

Although you won’t have the betting versatility of multiline online slots, you can still manage your betting stake. You can select a suitable coin value from a variety of default coin sizes and wager between one and two coins a spin. As is commonplace with classic reel slots; the larger your wager, the richer the reel returns. In fact there’s a 100 percent increase in payouts between one and two coin bets. To scoop up the top 1,600 coin payout you have to bet maximum and hit three T-Rex symbols across the payline. Go the cheap route with a one coin wager and your winnings will plummet to 800 coins for exactly the same symbol combination. If Jurassic Jackpot appeases your gaming appetite, check out our library of Red Flush Online Slots for an endless selection of high hit rate opportunities online!


Special Features

A wild multiplier capable of ramping up your win percentage is an added attraction in this dynamic though incredibly simple online slot. The T-Rex game logo is a reel joker of sorts completing line wins as a standard symbol substitute. Payouts are automatically increased according to the number of wilds required to register a line win. One wild doubles the pot while two wilds boost the payout by four times.


Bonus Games

Notwithstanding a bonus game deficit, you can pocket a pretty penny by hitting line wins generated by 18 possible payout permutations energetically enhanced by a wild multiplier. Play Jurassic Jackpot online slot at Red Flush Casino for a vivid vibrant gaming experience characterised by really great ambient audio!