How Do Multiplayer Slots Work?

What are Multiplayer Slots?

Multiplayer Online Slot Games

Multiplayer slots refer to online slots that are linked by a system that allows many players to play the same video slot game simultaneously, while interacting with the other players in the group. Online gaming holds certain benefits over land based casinos: players can play from the comfort of their own homes; you never have to wait in line to play your favourite game; they offer excellent promotional offers and some of the most exciting casino games are to be found at online casinos. However, land based gambling institutions have always offered players a social element that online casinos could not hope to rival – that is until now. Multiplayer slots are the next step in the evolution of online gaming and present players with all the rewards of online gaming, while providing them with a fun means to socialise and interact with other players.

Many themed multiplayer video slot games have been a huge hit with the online gaming community. Previously, players who wanted to interact with other players could only choose from varieties of Bingo, Poker, Blackjack and virtual horse racing. Multiplayer video slots have inaugurated a new genre in terms of interactive gaming. It is not only the social element that draws players to these games – multiplayer or community gaming offers players the chance to share their luck or share in the luck of the other players who are playing the same game. When one player unlocks a bonus round, for example, other players playing the same slot also benefit. Find out more about multiplayer slots by reading this article.

The Social Element of Multiplayer Slots

Being able to communicate with other players whilst playing a game is a big draw card. In fact, many people who frequent land based casino establishments primarily go there for the social interaction. Multiplayer slots provide players with the same level of interaction: players who are connected to the same game see how other players are doing and share in the same gaming experience. This means that you can congratulate players when they do well, boast when you land a big win, and commiserate collectively when luck is against you.

Players who play multiplayer slots can invite other players to become friends on the network. The network will then save the friend on a contact list. This feature allows players to see which of their friends are online. A player can also see which online video slot the friend is playing and join in on the fun. The interfaces of multiplayer slots are cleverly designed to give players who are playing the same slot machine the opportunity to chat. Players can have their say in the chat room where everyone can be part of the conversation or they can invite a friend to chat in private. Miniature screens that present other players’ games are often part of the slot’s design and help you to keep track of other players’ gaming progress.

The Benefits of Playing Multiplayer Slots

Multiplayer video slots present a great way of meeting new gaming friends and sharing the excitement of gambling with friends. Essentially, multiplayer slots function like their regular single slot counterparts, except for a valuable variation: if the bonus feature is triggered by one of the players, the entire group of players benefits from the bonus round. This interactive feature ensures that you will take advantage of many free spins rounds if you play multiplayer slots. However, there is a catch: in order to qualify for the interactive bonus features you need to have accumulated sufficient mulitpliers. With most multiplayer slots, the number of multipliers the player has earned is displayed on the screen and, in order to participate in the bonus feature, players have to have a multiplier count of higher than 0. The amount of multipliers you have earned in the base game will then apply to your bonus free spins round. If none of the players who form part of the group have managed to earn any multipliers, but someone in the group hits a free spins round, the bonus round will not be activated. Once the free spins round is over the game resets and players need to earn more multipliers to qualify for the next collective bonus round. Of course, the type of bonus game the group shares in depends on the video slot they play. The collective bonus round is very exciting and creates the opportunity to connect with other players. Bonus rounds are triggered more often in multiplayer video slots than in ordinary casino slot games.

Types of Multiplayer Slots

A fantastic Microgaming Multiplayer slot is Multiplayer Isis. This classic Egyptian themed video slot has been popular on the internet since its release and can now be played with friends. Multiplayer Isis offers the same great graphics and icons as the original 5 reel, 40 payline game. In order to qualify for the collective free spins round with Isis, you need to have a multiplier score above 0. The hawk scatter symbol unlocks the free spins round and players receive 20, 25 or 30 free spins, depending on the amount of hawk scatters that unlocked the bonus round. The free spins round offers up to a 6x multiplier and a maximum payout of 600 000 coins.

Another popular multiplayer game is No Worries video slot. This 5 reel, 20 payline video slot is inspired by the landscape and animals of Australia. You will find images of relaxed Kuala bears, lazy kangaroos, boomerangs and platypus on the reels. The collective free spins feature of this game offers a twist: you can choose to keep your winnings, replay the bonus feature or exchange your winnings for a mystery prize.

Why Multiplayer Slots Are Popular

Players who enjoy online gaming have participated in slot tournaments for years. Slot tournaments also offer a form of interactive gaming, but this interaction is extremely competitive. In contrast, multiplayer slots foster a sense of camaraderie: players are not playing against each other; instead, players have the opportunity to share their luck, or in other cases, to benefit from their fellow players’ good luck. Multiplayer slots continue to grow in popularity because players can meet new people, form new relationships or meet existing friends online and engage in a fun activity together.