Fantastic 7’s online slot

Fantastic 7’s is a true classic Microgaming invention and this online slot is also one of their oldest, first appearing in 1999. Even after all this time it has remained one of the most popular classic slots in the industry and with its fuss free gaming style, with incredible payouts, it isn’t hard to see why. Play Fantastic 7’s reel slot at Red Flush slots!


Game Description

The traditional game has 3 reels and a single payline with all of the original slots symbols on the reels such as red 7’s, white 7’s, and in this case, another psychedelic looking 7’s symbols in purple, blue and white! You will also find your typical BAR’s symbols, with single, double and triple BAR’s. Another symbol reminiscent of original online slots in this category are the cherries that still take up a well-deserved spot on many classics! The games’ theme is obviously that of a classic-style slot, although it has a bit of a funky twist to its’ appearance. Symbols are nice and large and the pay table is also laid out clearly where you can see how much is up for grabs for different symbol combinations.


Betting Basics

Betting in Fantastic 7’s is straightforward with coin sizes varying from $0.25 up to $5.00. You can place up to 3 coins on each of the 3 paylines, which is a maximum bet of $15 per spin on this reel slot which might seem quite steep, but wait to hear what you can win with this top bet… If you manage to line up 3 of those psychedelic 7’s on the reels, you can win 2500 coins, which when multiplied by the maximum coin size is a solid payout of $12,500.00! Play at Red Flush slots for fun or for real money and have fun with this timeless classic!


Special Features

The online slot itself doesn’t have any special features but the great payouts to make up for it in this Vegas style casino slot. The flexibility in betting options also makes it very suitable for players of all pocket sizes since you can choose a bet that suits you perfectly. Players can enjoy playing Fantastic 7’s and many other fantastic games in this genre at Red Flush slots!


Bonus Games

Even without any bonus games or free spins, Fantastic 7’s reel slot has stood the test of time, with almost 14 years as a resident slot at Microgaming casinos! There must be a winning combination where modern and classic meets in perfect harmony since it is also still one of the most popular games played online! Check out a variety of fabulous games at Red Flush slots where you can also enjoy the online slot where those Fantastic 7’s can deliver fantastic payouts!