7 Oceans online slot

7 Oceans is a classic 3 reel and 1 line online slot by Microgaming that offers ever richer returns according to the size of your wager. The deep ocean themed game emulates the one arm bandits and fruit machine slots of Las Vegas. Although there are no special features or bountiful bonus rounds, you can still accumulate an impressive cache of coins generated by 13 possible payout permutations. To find out how you get your hands onto a treasure trove of line wins keep reading the full review below at Red Flush Online Casino and play, play and play!


Game Description

7 Oceans reel slot is a colourful online gaming opportunity that is simplicity itself. You’ll discover a user friendly gaming interface packed with all the betting and payout information you’ll possibly need. A creative underwater scene with superb graphics of brightly coloured tropical fish, sea anemones, dazzling gold treasure and a solitary star fish is overshadowed by three large barrel reels appropriately dressed in blue. Game modes and real time betting information is neatly displayed at the base of screen. Symbols that deliver mouth watering line wins when matched across the reels are the all time favourites of classic reel slots. There are one, two and three bars, blue sevens and the major money generators, ocean sevens, in delicate orange and yellow hues.


Betting Basics

Although you won’t find the copious betting options typical of multiline online slots you can still adjust your betting stake to your bank roll. There’s a wide selection of default coin values on offer to create plenty of opportunities for both high rollers and more cautious bettors. You can choose to wager between one and three coins a spin. To snap up the big bucks prizes you have to bet the three coin maximum. Symbols that generate 500 coins, 1,000 coins and 4,000 coins for three symbol configurations are any sevens, blue sevens and ocean sevens respectively. If you fancy the uncomplicated gaming of this entertaining little reel slot there are plenty more to choose from in our compilation of high hit rate Red Flush Online Slots!


Special Features

There are no feature symbols typical of more sophisticated multiline video slots in this classic online slot. A dearth of wilds and scatters doesn’t mean the game is any less entertaining as the main objective is to bet, spin and win. You can however select from regular or expert mode. The latter provides advanced features such as the convenient auto play mode where you can set the reels to spin on your behalf for up to ten times.


Bonus Games

Despite a lack of feature symbols and bonus games you can still enjoy a terrific time at the reels. Play 7 Oceans online slot right now at Red Flush Casino, your brand new gambling home online!